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Creating a sustainable future


With the technology decisions you make today


Delivering change is challenging, especially while juggling short-term pressures. With hundreds of digital transformations under their belt, our experts share how to plant the right digital seeds to create a sustainable future.
Research: Planting Seeds for a Digital Future
Has rapid tech adoption allowed you to adopt new ways of working, or, are you struggling to balance short-term demands with longer-term sustainability?

We surveyed UK&I technology leaders about their biggest concerns and challenges.
To see the results:
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Webinar: How to Create a Sustainable Transformation

 🕑 30 mins

Creating a sustainable transformation that creates lasting value for organisations doesn’t just happen. It takes planning, strategy, and best-practice know-how to avoid waste, spiralling costs and create cultural change.

In this webinar Mark Skelton, CTO shares best practice advice on how to avoid common pitfalls, and align people, processes, and technology, in order to drive growth and create a sustainable futureWatch his webinar below.

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How do you stack up against your peers?

When a business faces extreme challenges, its response reveals the extent of its tolerance, resilience and agility.

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81%  of businesses made expedient ICT purchases during the pandemic that serve no long term strategic value.

44%  of businesses stated that although they realised greater technology efficiencies, they now need people-based processes to catch up.

43%  brought forward strategic ICT plans - including collaborative and cloud technology - to deal with the pandemic.

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Tech Strategy Advice from our Experts

For businesses in the recovery phase of the pandemic, the strategy should be less about using technology to fight fires and much more about planting 'digital' seeds for the future. Our experts discuss:

Juggling IT Priorities

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Making Sustainable Choices

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Creating Lasting Value

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Invest for Sustained Success

With technology that safely scales with your ambition and fuels continuous innovation.

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Grow sustainably in the cloud
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Modern Workplace
Empower employee satisfaction and growth
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Cyber Security
Adapt quickly with best-practice foundations
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