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Customer Immersion Experience


Customer Immersion Experience: Modern Workplace

Get hands-on and explore technologies and devices in a true-to-life experience

Join us for an interactive, immersive session to explore Microsoft 365 and a variety of devices to see how they can transform your business.


Bespoke Immersion Experience:
We will design a session that focuses on your specific challenges, so we can show you the technologies that will make the biggest impact on your organisation. We’ll do this via a Discovery call prior to the session and can be for a cross-section of your key stakeholders.


Modern Workplace Test Drive:
This session will walk you through common workplace scenarios such productivity with Windows 11, collaboration features across a variety of devices, connecting in real-time with colleagues and customers. This is designed for you and a cross-section of your key stakeholders.

Both sessions give you the opportunity to experience first-hand the technologies and devices to help you deliver a modern workplace to support your goals. Whether you want to enhance real-time collaboration, strengthen your cyber security, or find a more streamlined way to manage devices, we can show you how.

The Customer Immersion Experience Showcases:

Servidor cloud_1light

Laying the right foundation: Windows 11 + Office 365 + Enterprise Mobility and Security with modern provisioning, management and evergreen maintenance.

Proteger cuidar _1Light

Building a complete end-to-end solution including Microsoft Teams, OneDrive, BI, AI and the full Microsoft Azure IoT suite whilst ensuring compliance and security.

Equipo _1Light

Enabling the Change Management process by delivering and supporting user adoption and training

Dato_M compartidos_1Light

Simplify and streamline  device management: explore how to consolidate the procurement, maintenance & management, security & support of your end user devices.

Microsoft Surface: the path to a more sustainable future

is a key consideration when it comes to choosing devices.  The Microsoft Surface portfolio offers a unique ability to manage carbon footprint effectively. Windows and Surface Commitments:

Reducing carbon impact

Surface and Windows have defined sustainability targets on our product roadmap for future launches.

To make this happen, we are improving efficiency in software, hardware, and our supply chain.

Circular by design

Microsoft designs products with the circular economy in mind - we follow a ‘repair, reuse, and recycle’ model.

Designing for circularity minimizes waste by extending the lifespan of our devices for as long as possible.

Integrity built-in

Microsoft builds products of the highest quality with a responsible supply chain that meets higher ethical and environmental standards.

Integrity also means our commitment to transparency on the impact of our products and our supply chain.


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  • Correcto_1LightAzure Virtual Desktop
  • Correcto_1LightChange Management & User Adoption
  • Correcto_1LightM365
  • Correcto_1LightManagement for Windows, Devices, Peripherals, Apps
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  • Correcto_1LightM365 Backup-as-a-Service
  • Correcto_1LightLicensing

Meet our Change Management and User Adoption Partner - Hable

"We want to give everyone at work more time and energy to do what they do best. By inspiring them to love technology - and to use it fluently to its brilliant potential."

Microsoft Modern Work Solutions Partner
Microsoft Advanced Specialism in Adoption & Change Management


How we're helping customers

Cash boost for blood cancer charity

As a technology leader in the charity sector, Anthon Nolan had already started the move from expensive legacy data centres to the cloud. When the Covid-19 health crisis struck, its planned move to Azure Virtual Desktop proved to be timely. Since implementation, employees have been able to work remotely and securely from home, and the charity has been able to save valuable funds.

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Evolving flexible working for PPL PRS

Telefónica Tech’s recent Service Delivery improvements have had a significant impact on building a strong partnership between the teams. The progress made has proved so effective that now the parent organisations of PPL PRS view them as trusted innovators. The way they are evolving their flexible working strategy, moving away from a desktop world towards flexible mobile devices, is viewed as a blueprint for the wider music licensing group to adopt.

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Tackling e-waste

Untitled design (19)

By reusing, recycling and reselling IT Assets BMI and Telefónica Tech are supporting the circular economy and shifting to more sustainable IT.  By using Telefónica Tech’s Service, BMI is recovering the value from legacy IT while improving its sustainability position.  The cost of processing is offset by the value of the upcycled assets, with credit provided against future orders.

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You're in experienced hands

As a Microsoft Partner for over 25 years with proven technical capability demonstrated via our Microsoft competencies and advanced specialisations: Azure Expert MSP, Inner Circle member, CSP Direct, LSP, Surface Partner and FastTrack.

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Modern Workplace as-a-Service from Telefónica Tech

Providing a good employee experience with the technology you provide is becoming vital to both attracting and retaining talent.  Particularly for Gen-Z, where 80% aspire to work with cutting-edge technology.  A traditional approach to large roll outs which take time  makes it difficult to provide employees with the tools and service they want to keep them productive and engaged. 

Our Modern Workplace as-a-Service brings together all the key components and deliverables of provisioning, maintaining and managing a digital workplace.  Giving your employees the right apps, devices, training and support, as well as simplifying the process for the IT team.  We manage the whole lifecycle for you, right through to end of life recycling of devices.

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Maximising your licence investment

As a Microsoft Cloud Solution (CSP) provider, we'll help you get the right licensing for your apps and platforms and maximise your investments. 

Telefónica Tech’s team of Microsoft Certified professionals and subject matter experts, under the direction of your dedicated CSP Customer Success Manager, will manage your onboarding process and support you throughout your lifetime as a customer with a proactive and bespoke service to meet your unique requirements.

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