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microsoft azure health check

Video: 🕒 15 mins

Watch to understand how regular health checks can help to improve efficiency, performance, reliability, and security whilst controlling costs

Jacob Chew and Joss Mureddu from our Microsoft team explain how our free Azure Health Check delivers the information you need to innovate and refine your cloud consumption.

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What to expect from your Azure Health Check:


By setting up read-only permissions we are able to 'have a look' around your environment, regardless of your transactional model (EA, MCA, MSP, etc.).  This level of access means we can 'look but not touch', so you can be assured that there is no risk to your environment.

We'll gather information from your Azure platform, which won't include customer, proprietary, or end user data/files.  Once we've completed the assessment, you can simply remove the account.

Our assessment and analysis will reveal where your strengths lie and provide you with clear and actionable insights into the areas that require improvement and innovation. For example:

  • Discover how to improve the performance and reliability of the Azure services that power your critical business applications

  • Find ways to reduce the ongoing costs associated with consuming Azure services

  • Ensure that critical applications and data are kept secure and recoverable should the worst happen.

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Make your Microsoft Azure journey a success with Telefónica Tech


Gold and specialisations

As a Microsoft Azure Expert Managed Service Provider, our experts have the proven experience to support your Azure deployment at every step.  Choosing an MSP that has been thoroughly vetted by the cloud of your choice makes sense; it reduces risk, and increases your chance of success.

Azure Expert MSP Partners need to meet pre-requisites annually and complete a progress audit every year. For Telefónica Tech’s customers this means spend and technology are continuously optimised by highly qualified consultants and technical experts throughout their digital transformation journeys.

As an approved Fast Track partner, just one of 30 in the UK, we'll help you deploy solutions and drive user adoption, with onboarding assistance, engineering expertise, and end-to-end guidance based on proven methodologies for successful cloud implementations.

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