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The Future of Manufacturing:

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The future of manufacturing

Telefónica Tech guides their manufacturing customers through the complex landscape of IT modernisation. Navigating the fast-evolving technology landscape is no small feat, especially when tech talent is in short supply. Add shifts in go-to-market strategies and ever-changing regulations, and you've got lots to decipher. We’re here to help.

Removing manufacturing’s obstacles

Join the HPE and Telefónica Tech partnership to stay ahead of the tech curve for a sustainable future.


Cybersecurity and disaster recovery

Strengthen your cyber resilience with a holistic approach across your interconnected IT and OT ecosystem. Reliable disaster recovery tools in the cloud to minimise downtime.


Increase agility

Emerging technologies in the cloud deliver the agility necessary to simplify delivery models across different regions, adapt to macroeconomic conditions, and respond to customer demands.


Efficiency and innovation 

Overcome legacy tech and unlock smart factory capabilities. Automate for better productivity and resource use.


Regulatory compliance

Harness real-time data for easy compliance. Efficient reporting keeps you ahead.


Unlock value in data

Use AI for insightful reporting, enhanced efficiency and quality control.


Flexible IT investment with predictable costs

Scale as needed. Enjoy flexible billing: pay only for what you use. 



Optimise your IT from edge to cloud. Reduce energy consumption and waste.


Reaching full smart factory potential

Learn more about integrating digital technology to get manufacturing to full smart potential.

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Smart technology for smart factories


HPE Aruba networking – converges IT, OT and IoT 

Aruba networks boost uptime, optimise operations, and protect you from cybercriminals.

It’s a hyper-aware network that, combined with devices and applications, brings you situational awareness across people, plant, and machines.

Combined with services like digital twins and predictive maintenance, they can also help to predict and manage future needs.

  • Accelerates integration of IT, Internet of Things (IoT), and Operational Technology (OT)
  • Delivers high-availability connectivity to people and machines across WANs and in unconditioned and HazLoc environments
  • Securely segments IT and real-time OT traffic, on the same network
  • Establishes end-to-end Zero Trust security from edge devices to data centres to hyperscalers
  • Uses AI to resolve issues faster and more efficiently 

HPE GreenLake

HPE PLatinum partner _whiteThe Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) provides manufacturers with a wealth of data, and the challenge of converting it into useful information, such as identifying inefficiencies, patterns and trends. 

HPE GreenLake delivers services optimised for specific workloads, allowing quicker access to data and insights. These services merge the flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and automation of cloud computing with robust security and high performance of on-site infrastructure. 

It’s a modern, adaptable, and secure solution that enhances business efficiency, from the factory floor to the C-suite.


HPE and Telefónica Tech: An expert partnership for manufacturing 

Read more about Telefónica Tech’s approach to adding value in the manufacturing sector:

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The Telefónica Tech advantage



Our capabilities and digital competence certifications extend across cloud, cybersecurity, modern workplace, data & AI and enterprise applications. Access the skills you need to drive your current projects forward and create your long-term road map. 



We’ve done it before, for a range of companies across industries. We’ve helped manufacturing clients such as BMI, Tayto, Oxford Instruments, and many others enter the era of smart manufacturing.   


Global reach:

We’re global, reaching customers in more than 175 countries, daily leveraging the capabilities we have in IoT, Dig Data, AI and Blockchain technologies within the wider Group. 


Innovation is our world:

We are committed to delivering technology solutions within a clearly defined strategy, where your technology investments today pave the way to achieving your goals.  Our collaborative approach ensures the design, implementation, and support of solutions are tailored to your unique objectives. 


See more about how we work:

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