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Outcomes-driven EPR platforms.

Telefónica Tech has worked with more than 42 NHS Trusts, 26 healthcare organisations and supported more than six million patients across the UK and Ireland.

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Our outcomes for the healthcare sector and the NHS are proven:


95% first contact resolution


A CSAT score of 96%


99.99% SLA availability

Healthcare Tech Challenges and How Telefónica Tech Solves Them



EPR Platform Implementation by March 2026

Challenge: Complexity and resource constraints for EPR implementation in smaller organisations.

Solution: Comprehensive planning, specification, implementation, or fast-tracking of secure, scalable, and NHS-compliant EPR platforms.


Cyber Security

Challenge: Significant investment required for securing on-premises EPR platforms against evolving cyber threats.

Solution: Secure digital resilience with NextDefense, our next generation of advanced managed security and SOC services.



Challenge: Costly and time-consuming scalability of EPR platforms to meet growing demands.

Solution: Using HPE GreenLake for secure, scalable systems with flexible, pay-per-use infrastructure, accommodating growth efficiently.



Challenge: Incompatibility and data silos due to multiple clinical systems from different vendors.

Solution: Enhancing interoperability by establishing and maintaining connections between legacy applications and the EPR platform, facilitating seamless data sharing.



and Digital Transformation

Challenge: The need for continuous EPR enhancements to align with evolving healthcare practices.

Solution: Providing expert support and resources to demystify complexity, ensuring EPR platforms evolve with clinical and business intelligence needs.


Secure Digital Foundations and System Uptime

Challenge: Maintaining high reliability and uptime for critical EPR systems.

Solution: Building secure digital foundations aligned with HIMMS levels, guaranteeing 99.999% system availability, and focusing on critical system support.

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Scalable and resilient digital infrastructure

Implementing and optimising a reliable, secure and effective EPR platform demand:

  • A secure, scalable, cost-effective and resilient platform guaranteeing 99.999% system availability.
  • Trusted technology implemented by a partner with a proven track record and unwavering dedication to delivering exceptional service and end-to-end support.
  • Digital transformation that’s accessible and capable of overcoming your unique infrastructure challenges.
  • Active change management to maximise the impact of your technology investment.

We understand healthcare.

We are your dedicated strategic partner and regardless of where you are in your progress toward EPR implementation, we bring years of experience in working with and deploying complex IT solutions, including HPE GreenLake, which can be customised to support your objectives. Taking CAPEX to OPEX, we help you get on the road to improving quality of care while retaining control over your finances.

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The value of a trusted partner

We're not just a partner; we’re your fearless ally in the complex and high-stakes world of healthcare IT. We stand shoulder to shoulder with NHS Trusts, taking full responsibility for successful EPR deployment. We don’t shy away from challenges; we embrace them and deliver results. Our commitment to your success is unwavering.

Our collaboration with HPE GreenLake, along with our extensive track record, combine to give you the flexibility, trust, accessibility and scale you need. We will support you through your EPR journey no matter where you are, or what you need.

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Our case studies


Oxford University Hospitals

With Telefónica Tech’s expertise, and the transformative platform-as-a-service ServiceNow, Oxford University Hospitals (OUH) helped over 12,000 hospital staff to make the most of limited resources and devote more time to patient care.

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Belfast Health and Social Care Trust

Discover how one of the largest integrated health and social care trusts in the United Kingdom managed to deliver health and social care to over 340,000 people.

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CliniSys, the leading supplier of Laboratory Information Management systems (LIMS), used Telefónica Tech to manage 10 new regional pathology networks across the UK, covering a patient population of nearly 3 million.

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Guy’s and
St Thomas’

With the help of Telefónica Tech, Guy’s and St Thomas’, one of the largest critical care hospitals in London, deployed Microsoft Teams in just 94 hours for mission-critical communications.

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Watch what David Walliker, Chief Digital and Partnership Officer, Oxford University Hospitals
has to say about working with Telefónica Tech.

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Empower your trust with tools, expertise and support. We can help you to plan, spec and implement your EPR platform from start to finish between now and March 2026.

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Explore how our EPR platforms, powered by HPE GreenLake, can accelerate your journey toward making the most of your EPR platform.

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Telefónica Tech unlocks the power of integrated technology for healthcare organisations, bringing together a unique combination of the best people with the best technology and the best platforms. This is supported by a dynamic partner ecosystem and strategic agreements with market-leading service providers. Our aim is always to simplify, facilitate and accelerate tech adoption to make a real difference every day, to every industry.

If you have any further questions or would like to speak with one of our EPR experts, please email info@telefonicatech.uk or call 0845 605 2100.


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