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Cloud economics on premises with HPE GreenLake


Having a flexible approach to cloud and on-premises environments means you can deliver existing and new services smarter and faster.

A hybrid cloud model can help you strike the right balance between speed and scalability with cost and security. Where your most sensitive workloads can run in an on-premises cloud and less critical resources are placed with a third-party public cloud provider.

HPE GreenLake delivers the cloud experience across your edges, colocations and data centres. Get easy access to on-demand resources, pay-per-use flexibility with the ability to scale up and down - managed for you.

Business agility
Move faster, get capacity when you need it, and accelerate app and services deployment.


Easily monitor and manage performance, security, compliance, and data s well as latency, risk and cost.

Cloud economics

Eliminate the need for upfront capital and stop overprovisioning with a pay per-use-consumption model.

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Gain the agility and financial flexibility your business needs to move faster.

Access a broad portfolio of cloud services


HPE GreenLake offers broad portfolio of cloud services, which span infrastructure, platforms and industry-specific workloads. You can accelerate time to value with workload-optimised blueprints, automated configuration and secure, cloud-native infrastructure.

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PODCAST: How to fast track digital transformation and preserve cash

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Explore the benefits of HPE GreenLake in more detail in this Solution Brief: Delivering the cloud experience on-premises with HPE GreenLake*

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Time to market:75% faster*


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Capex savings: 30%-40%*


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IT resource savings: 40%*


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85% less unplanned downtime*



Telefónica Tech’s Cloud Strategy service helps you define your cloud vision based on your business objectives, your current environment and existing investments. The service includes detailed strategy, platform, service and application assessments to develop an economically and technologically justifiable roadmap for your right mix of cloud services.

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