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Get AI ready with Surface

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Get AI Ready with Surface

Modern work is here, and AI is quickly becoming a foundational part of it—from an individual’s own productivity to an organisation’s ability to find efficiencies at scale.

Modern devices help organisations meet the needs of today’s workforce by delivering the capabilities needed now and providing the foundation for investment in advancements coming tomorrow. Microsoft is committed to building AI that amplifies human ingenuity, delivers transformational experiences, and safeguards business and data. 

Microsoft Surface is the modern device platform built to deliver on that innovation. By bringing software and hardware together—from device to cloud—Surface devices with AI(1), such as the Surface Pro 9 with 5G and Surface Laptop Studio 2, create an end-to-end AI experience that supports employees, IT, and business.

1. Currently available on select Surface devices Windows Studio Effects for videoconferencing is available on Surface Pro 9 with 5G and Surface Laptop Studio 2 

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Surface devices help improve collaboration and productivity across teams no matter how employees prefer to work. Modern technology, including AI, helps employees simplify their workdays and get more value-added work done. Enhance interpersonal communications and videoconferencing with Windows Studio Effects.2

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Surface devices help IT maintain privacy and control over their data and streamline security tasks. IT teams can locally process information that takes advantage of chip-to-cloud security and maintains data privacy and control. 



Successful businesses always look to the future, laying the foundation for what comes next in a time of rapid innovation.​​ Businesses who invest in Surface as their modern device platform will be ready to take advantage of advancements to come as Microsoft continues to develop new capabilities.

People and businesses want to use AI to help them get their work done



of surveyed employees are willing to delegate some of their work to AI

Microsoft 2023 Work Trends Index Report


of surveyed data and analytics decision makers are already building AI technologies.

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