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Revolutionise your fraud detection with Telefónica Tech

Detect and defeat fraud with leading-edge anti-fraud solutions tailored to today's complex digital world.


Discover how Telefónica Tech’s innovative solutions are helping Financial Services and Insurance companies to combat fraud effectively. Dive deeper by downloading our informative eBook on the challenges faced in the battle against fraud.​


Challenges & Solutions

The Modern Landscape of Fraud Prevention

As rapid technological and economic changes continue, Financial Services and Insurance companies face escalating risks. As financial fraud threats become more complex and sophisticated, companies are under pressure to fortify their defences whilst simultaneously enhancing the customer experience.


Telefónica Tech’s Response is a Lifecycle Approach that delivers



Enhanced Security


Predict and protect with advanced threat intelligence; utilise AI-driven automation and insights; implement an end-to-end security strategy for your critical assets, including data, cloud, endpoints, and networks.



Regulatory Compliance


Satisfy the requirements of evolving regulations like, DORA, PSR, and AML with advanced automation, comprehensive case management and compliance tools.



Accelerated investigations​

Speed up investigations and manage data effectively with a powerful and scalable digital forensics platform underpinned by HPE GreenLake.




Reduced risk and enhanced customer experiences

Harness AI for real-time fraud detection, personalised security measures, proactive fraud prevention, automated low-value fraud investigations, and customer insights to deliver personalised services.​

Download our eBook

Explore the fraud prevention and detection challenges facing organisations in the FSI sector in our eBook,
"Addressing Fraud in Today's Digital World."


Success Story Highlight

Transforming Financial Workplaces


Read how Telefónica Tech helped a leading financial institution overhaul their UK headquarters into a modern workspace that's flexible, secure, and future-ready.



Benefits of HPE GreenLake

Why Choose HPE GreenLake for Your Financial Services?


25107-03_Icon1Cost-Effectiveness: Reduce expenses with scalable solutions that match your demand without upfront investments.

25107-03_Icon4 150pxEnhanced Flexibility and Scalability: Adjust resources quickly and efficiently to handle peak loads without disruption.

25107-03_Icon7Real-Time Analytics and AI Capabilities: Deploy powerful computing resources to harness insights from vast data sets at incredible speeds.

25843-01_Icon2OpEx vs. CapEx: Benefit from an operational expenditure model that offers financial flexibility and easier management.

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Unlock insights into the challenges faced by Financial Services and Insurance organisations when it comes to fraud prevention and learn how Telefónica Tech’s FSI solutions, powered by HPE GreenLake, can help in the fight against it.



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