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Discover how AI delivers in the real world

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From Use Case to Useful: How AI Delivers in the Real World

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Use cases, useful statistics, proven metric —

AI is more than hype, it’s an invaluable business tool.  


Artificial Intelligence should be built for success. Yours.

This webinar focuses on how AI has evolved within the business and use cases that prove how it can deliver measurable value. This technology can transform raw datasets into useful knowledge, enable your business to do more, transform intelligent decision-making, and deliver tangible business impact.

Over the course of 1 hour, this webinar focuses on use cases, technologies and tools – all designed to help you integrate AI into your organisation. Everything from Microsoft Azure to how to build the right strategy for your business is included.

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Matt How

Matt How has spent eight years working in Data and Analytics on the Microsoft Platform with a focus on data science, machine learning and AI. He’s a published author and has specialised in Modern Data Warehouse in Azure.


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